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Freedom to securely store and keep information that matter to you

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Is Twinku a savings or investment app?
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No. I think we have enough of that already! We’re simply making it easy for you to know what you have across all the savings platforms and bank accounts you have. You cannot save or invest on the app.

Is Twinku free?
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Yes & No. While we have a free plan that you can use forever, our proof of life and estate planning features that enables you to plan succession for your assets are available only to paid subscribers.

How secure is my financial information on Twinku?
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Data privacy & security is important to us. We use standard encryption to protect how your data is transmitted and saved. Twinku does not have access to the funds in your accounts linked to our app.

Can I operate my connected accounts on Twinku?
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No, you cannot transfer nor receive money via Twinku. But you can track the value of your connected accounts from Twinku

How does Twinku know when to share user's estate?
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We use a periodic proof of life concept to keep track of our users wellbeing and follow a strict procedure to establish the true state of the user before we proceed to execute a user's estate.

Still have a question that needs a human touch? Send a message to support@twinku.co