June 4, 2023

Introducing Twinku Streak - Earn up to N1,000 every 20 days!

To convert all your points without manually typing the figure, click on the “Redeem all” box below the amount field.
Femi Ademilua
Co-founder @Twinku

Twinku login streak tracks the consecutive number of days you have logged into Twinku.

You’ll receive 200 points for every 20-day streak.

The streak starts at 1 day. Subsequent logins add 1 day for each consecutive day.

If you log in to Twinku today for the first time, your Streak is set to 1 day. If you log in on the 2nd day, your Streak will add another day to become 2 days. If you don’t log in at all on the 3rd day, but log in on the 4th day, your Streak will reset back to 1 day. However, if you have logged in on all those consecutive days (days 1 - 4), your Streak would be 4 days on the 4th and 20 days on the 20th day respectively.

Each Twinku point is currently set to N5.00 and the value may change over time. Earned points can be redeemed as cash into any bank account you already track with Twinku. Also, you must have a minimum of 2 bank accounts in your bank portfolio to redeem your earned points.

Where To Check Your Streak

Streak is displayed as a dark fire icon on your Twinku home screen, just at the bottom right corner of your user image. To know your current streak click on the icon and the screen that pops up should display your current streak. For every 20-day streak, you earn 200 points!

Streak information screen

How to Check Your Streak Points

By the time you get your Streak to 20 days, the system will automatically reward you with 200 points. You will get these 200 points for every extra 20 days you add to your Streak. So where do you check these points?

To check your points, go to your “Account” screen and click on “Reward centre”. The Reward centre shows all the points you have earned from different activities within the Twinku app.  You will see the Streak icon and your Streak points just opposite each other.

Reward points displayed in Reward Center

How to Convert Your Streak Points to Cash

Converting your Twinku points to cash is easy. When you are ready, visit the “Reward Center” screen again. The Reward centre shows your total points from all points-earning activities. To get started with the conversion, click on “Redeem Points” and it will take you to a form field where you are able to input the number of points you are converting. You can only convert multiple of 100 points and also a minimum of 100 points.

To convert all your points without manually typing the figure, click on the “Redeem all”  box below the amount field.

When you have concluded on the points you are converting, click the “Continue” button and select the bank account you want the money to be transferred. Note that you can only withdraw into a connected bank account and you must have a minimum of 2 connected accounts to proceed.

Reward points payout

If you meet the criteria in the paragraph above, congratulations! You should expect the money in your bank account in just a few minutes.

Earn even more points from referrals by sharing your Twinku “Referral code” with friends and family.

And if you haven’t downloaded Twinku, get started by downloading with the buttons below.

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