November 29, 2023

New Integration: Riltee x Twinku

Twinku, your trusted financial asset aggregator, continues to revolutionize personal finance management
Femi Ademilua
Co-founder @Twinku

Twinku, your trusted financial asset aggregator, continues to revolutionize personal finance management on a mission to empower you to consolidate your various financial accounts seamlessly within the unified Twinku framework. This streamlined approach facilitates easy tracking, provides analytical insights for informed financial decisions, and much more. We are dedicated to broadening the spectrum of accessible financial institutions for our users to seamlessly connect and synchronize with.

We are thrilled to announce a significant stride towards this mission: the integration of Riltee, now live on the Twinku app!

Meet Riltee

Riltee( stands as an exclusive, tech-driven real estate marketplace, accessible only to its members. This unique platform grants members the opportunity to own fractions of pre-approved rental properties, allowing them to generate passive rental income. This opportunity opens doors to properties that might otherwise be financially out of reach for individuals seeking full ownership.

With our partnership, you can now connect and track your Riltee account alongside the other financial accounts you already manage on Twinku. Also, you stand a chance to win amazing perks from Twinku when you sync your Riltee account.

Connecting Your Riltee Account to Twinku

1. Begin by navigating to the Twinku home screen, specifically within the fintech category. Locate and click on the 'add' button.
2. You will find Riltee listed as an institution among the options. Select Riltee and proceed to input the email address associated with your Riltee account.
3. Riltee will send you a One-Time Password (OTP) to finalize the connection process. Once the OTP is entered, the process is complete, and your Riltee account will be successfully linked to Twinku.

Post-connection, your Riltee account balance will be readily visible on the Twinku home screen. Additionally, your dashboard's net worth will now encompass this balance, providing you with an instant overview of your financial position.

This enhanced integration between Twinku and Riltee marks a significant stride towards empowering users with greater financial control and access to potentially lucrative real estate opportunities. Experience the benefits of this seamless integration today! Get started here

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